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It's Just The Beginning

By: :Danielle Ekert 0 comments
It's Just The Beginning


Welcome to Bebies.co.uk our brand new website and sleep toy collection. Designed by parents to help promote better sleep for both babies and their parents! 

We have worked tirelessly to create a safe, beautiful and customisable toy for babies and infants. Something that gets loved and can be a child's first companion throughout their early years of development.

For the first time in a sleep toy, parents can now record their own soothing sound to help their little one sleep. Research shows babies respond better to the sound of their own parents, thats why we have made it possible to play your own soothing noise, lullaby or song to help your baby sleep better and for longer!

As well as white noise with heart beat after months of research we have also composed our own lullaby, both tested and proven to have a baby to sleep in no time. Easily select from the three buttons to activate the sounds and pre-select both the volume and time you would like to play the sound for. 

Our characters have been designed with 100% safe sleeping in mind. The clever Velcro straps on the arms allow you to easily clip the toy onto car seats, prams and cots, allowing your baby to be close to their companion whilst they sleep and in easy reach of the parent if needed.

We have also included a glow in the dark logo on our collection making them easy to find even on the darkest of nights. 

Our story started back in March 2020. Getting our baby to sleep has never been easy! We always needed his favourite teddy, his comforter, white noise and dummy before we could even think about getting him to sleep. This made travelling anywhere a nightmare, and forgetting one item could add hours onto our evening. 

We tried various sleep aids, but found nothing that our baby loved or responded to well... And nothing that was even affordable for the average parent! We wanted to create a colourful, snuggly and customisable toy that becomes a big part of a child's early years. Something they could take to nursery, or their grandparents, and something that would help them sleep better. That's when Bebies was born!

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