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REVEALED: 5 Secrets to help your baby sleep

There is nothing more satisfying than the moment your baby drifts off to sleep and you can finally have some well deserved rest. But what do you do when your baby isn't settling?

When your child isn't getting enough sleep it not only negatively impacts you as parents, but also effects your child's body and mind.

Here are 5 secrets to a better nights sleep for you and your baby

1. Keep nap times consistant

Its unlikley that your baby is going to develop a sleep routine unless you impose one. It is important that your baby has a consistant routine at nap and bed times. We would encourage times that you can stick to EVERY day. As an example this could be morning nap at 10am, Afternoon nap at 3pm, followed by bedtime at 6pm. Essentially some babies will dictate their own nap times, but try and keep these consistant.
This leads us onto our next secret....

2. Set a positive bedtime routine 

Having a positive bedtime routine is essential. This needs to work around you and be something you can stick to every day. Heres an example of a bed time routine that we use:

17:45: Bath time
18:15: Baby massage & getting ready for bed
18:30: Bottle
18:45-19:00: Bed time
Check out our next secret...

3. Place your baby in their cot while they are awake

If your baby is reliant upon being rocked or cuddled to sleep it can teach your baby bad habits which can make it more difficult to get them to sleep. Especially as they get older, bigger and heavier!

To get your baby in the habit of sleeping without the need for being rocked or cuddled it is a good idea to put your baby in their cot when they are drowsy and encourage them to fall to sleep to their own. Try recording your own shushing sound or playing white noise, allowing your baby to self soothe and develop their own sleep independance. Click here to see how our products may be able to help you.

4. Contol your babies environment

Babies take on average 15-30 minutes to fall into a deep sleep so its important to control their environment. This could be ensuring their room is dark with the use of black out curtains and keep the temperature of their room comfortable. Did you know the ideal temperature for a babies room is 20-22 C? Babies dont need blankets, there are lots of sleeping bags you can buy online now. The cot/crib should be free of everything: No blankets & No pillows, follow SIDs guidelines at all times. 

5. Use a comfort blanket 

Comforters provide babies with a sense of security and safety and offer flamiliarity for little ones whilst encouraging the ability to self soothe. They help children feel safe, calm and happy and can become a new best friend when your child needs some extra comfort. They can also help lessen stress that you might not even know your baby is feeling. Its likeley that your baby will have one blanket which will never be left behind.

We know how important it is to be able to nurse your baby to sleep, they always respond best to their parents voice. Our sleep toys allow you to be in control. You can record your own voice, set it on a loop and soothe your child to sleep whilst giving them the independance they need at bed times. Our toys also feature white noise and sleep sensor technology and are the perfect companion for babies and infants. The toys are super soft and snuggly and can be used at nap times and play times. Join the Bebies club below to find out more.

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