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What ages are your toys suitable for?

Our toys have been tested to the highest standards and meet all safety requirements from newborn and upwards. Our Toys can be introduced at any stage throughout your child's sleep development including sleep regression stages at 2,3 or even 4 years old and are designed to help soothe them throughout their early years of development.

What is the best way to introduce the sleep toy to my newborn baby?

Newborn's respond best to the smell of their parents. We encourage you to transfer your scent by either putting our Sleep Toy under your t-shirt for a couple of hours or bringing the sleep toy to bed with you for the 1st night. 

Our sound module has a pre-record function which can allow you to play your own soothing sound to your little one on a loop. Choose a shushing sound or sound that your baby responds best to and pre-record with the instructions provided. You may wish to record their favourite lullaby or your own song.

Are they suitable for the washing machine?

Yes, simply remove the sound module from the zip compartment behind the head before washing. Wash on a gentle cycle and do not exceed 40 degrees.

What batteries do you recommend?

Please only use high quality batteries in our sleep toys to really get the most out of them. We recommend using rechargeable batteries to always ensure you have a back up when your device runs out of charge. Should you want to use single us batteries we recommend the following:

- Energiser Ultimate Lithium
- Duracell Alkaline 
- Varta Long-life Power

For rechargeable AAA batteries we recommend:

- Panasonic Eneloop
- Energiser 
- Infapower

How long will the batteries last?

This really does depend on lots of variables such as how often the sound module is used, volume levels and how often the sleep sensor is active. With high usage we estimate around 1 week although with quality batteries this could increase. Please see the chart below as a guide this is based upon a medium volume setting and 30 minutes play time per session:

Usage Without Sleep Sensor With Sleep Sensor
Light 25-35 Days 14-16 Days
Moderate  20-25 Days 12-14 Days
High  15-18 Days 8-10 Days

LIGHT = 2 Sessions Per Day
MODERATE = 4 Sessions Per Day
HIGH = 8 Sessions Per Day

What safe sleeping features does your toys have?

Our toys have all been designed with clever velcro straps on their arms. This allows you to clip them on the outside of their cot which we recommend for all babies under the age of 1. 

Why can't I record my own voice?

Please ensure the sleep sensor is switched off before making your recording. This is done by holding in the large button on the front of the device until you hear BEEP BEEP.

What does the white noise and lullaby sound like?