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Our Story

Our Story

Bebies was created to help parents with some of the pain points we have experienced personally when it comes nap and bed times. Our toys have been specifically designed to help babies and infants sleep better whilst providing a long term companion throughout their early years of their childhood. 

The Idea started back in March 2020. Getting our baby to sleep has never been easy... We always needed white noise, his favourite teddy, his snuggle blanket and of course his dummy before we could even think of getting him to sleep. This made travelling everywhere a nightmare, and also gave us as parents plenty of sleepless nights.. 

We have worked tirelessly to create a safe, beautiful and snuggly companion for babies and infants to help combat our experiences. This includes the ability to record your own shushing or soothing sound for your baby as well as playing both our own soothing lulaby and white noise.

All of our toys have been tested to the highest possible standards and are designed to help soothe and relax little ones, whilst providing them with a best friend they feel comfortable with throughout their early years of development.